STUDIO 505 SF is Hiring!

We are currently looking for dance and yoga teachers to help build our new dance studio community in San Francisco!   

Studio 505 is a dance and fitness studio located in the Oceanview/Ingleside Heights neighborhood of San Francisco.  We are on the lookout for passionate, energetic and experienced teachers to join our faculty.  If you’re interested in teaching for us please email your resume detailing your experience.  Also send us a cover letter with at least 250 words expressing why you’d like to join our team.  

We are hiring for the following part-time positions:

Ballet Teacher.  1 - 2 classes/week.  

Hip Hop and/or Bboying Teacher.  2 - 3 classes/week.  

Yoga Teacher.  1 - 2 classes/week.  

Pay is per student commission based.

Please send your resume and cover letter to:  

We look forward to hearing from you!