Move of the Month - October

Beginning Handstand:

Place your hands about 5 to 8 inches from the wall and lift up in to a downward facing dog pose. Practice your kicks by shifting your weight over your hands and hopping one foot up with the opposite leg extended long and straight. Try five hops on each leg. Donkey kicks get the core working and help keep you light on your feet.  These kicks are also energizing and add cardio to your practice.  

When you feel ready to come into a full handstand, make sure you get your hips forward enough and use enough momentum to get your legs above your hands. Don't be afraid to use power from your legs and core to lift your legs up.  Keep your focus on the mat between your hands.  


Move of the Month - Revolved Downward Dog

Great for strengthening the arms, and deepened your down-dog.
From downward dog, shift your weight into one hand as well as your legs to make one hand light. Reach your free hand to the outside of your opposite thigh. Slide hand down leg and spin chest towards sky. Your hand can reach your calf or ankle. Execute on both sides. Enjoy 🙃


Moves of the Month - June

Happy Summer!  Here are my moves of the month for June:

Move of the Month --
Reverse Crunch:  A simple yet effective way to activate both the upper and lower core muscles. 

1.  Start on your back with your knees in line with your hips - table top position - shins parallel to the floor.  Your arms can be by your sides, under your hips for more support, or framing your ears, elbows wide.   

2.  Extend your legs long in front of you, hovering off the floor, squeezing your inner thighs together.  Try to keep your entire back on the floor the whole time.  Engage your core.  

3.   Lift your knees back to table top position and lift hips off the floor at the same time.  For an extra challenge, lift your shoulder blades off the floor as well.  Exhale as you crunch, and feel your core contract as you bring your knees in and hips up.   

Stretch of the Month -- 
Full wheel / Backbend:  The ultimate heart opener, I love how this move stretches and opens the entire front of the body.   Make sure to stretch the body thoroughly first-- don't have this be your first stretch of the day!  Once you feel warmed up (bridge pose is a good intro pose), start on your back, feet planted hip width distance apart on the floor.  Bring your hands by your ears and press up into full wheel or backbend.  Hips pushing up to the sky.  Extend through your arms to deepen the pose.  


Accessory of the Month -- 
Foam Roller:  Rolling out tight muscle groups can be a life-saver after a rigorous workout week.  Foam rolling can help loosen knots and alleviate pain from overly tight muscles.  Not only that, but since the entire body is connected, rolling out one muscle group, like your calves or a tight shoulder, can help alleviate pain in other areas of your body and help with your overall alignment.   Below is an old pic of me rolling out my hip and shoulder.  


Hope to see you at the studio!  



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