Unlimited Membership:

Vip unlimited membership       - $98.00 every 1 month (1st mo. $49)

As a studio 505 member, enjoy all our group classes, as often as you'd like.  Month to month.  Cancel anytime.  


(Adult Program Only)

Studio 505 offers quality instruction in dance, yoga, fitness, and martial arts, and we want to provide you with an affordable and convenient membership that fits your needs.  Choose one of our specialty memberships if you want to specialize in one type of training.


Enjoy unlimited Dance Body Workout classes each week and watch your body transform.  Become stronger, more toned, increase flexibility as well as improve your cardiovascular health.

The Yogi Membership

Enjoy unlimited Yoga and Stretch + Restore classes.  Sweat out your stress, balance your body, mind, and spirit, while improving your flexibility and strength.   

the groove membership

Enjoy unlimited dance (Hip Hop, KPOP) and Stretch + Restore classes.  Improve coordination, dance technique, and musicality, while learning fun choreography.  Then improve your flexibility and release tension with a Stretch + Restore class.        

The eskrimador membership

Enjoy unlimited Eskrima classes each week.  Learn how to defend yourself with this Fillipino Martial Art.  Improve coordination, mental and physical agility, and learn valuable self defense techniques.          

Junior Program:

1 class / Week Membership      $59.00/Mo

2 classes / Week membership  $89.00/mo

3 classes / week membership  $109.00/mo

Not sure, yet?  Try our

2 Weeks Unlimited*!   $29.00

*new students only


Must provide credit/debit card for autopay

Cancellation requires notice at least three days before next billing date.

Memberships can be placed on temporary freeze one time per year for a maximum of 90 days.

Unused classes do not roll over the the next month