Hip Hop Foundations (ages 8 – 13)

A fun and energetic class where students learn the fundamentals of hip hop techniques, including bboying/bgirling, popping, and hip hop choreography.  The class focuses on coordination, musicality, athleticism, and individual expression.   Class starts with a 15 minute warm-up that emphasizes conditioning, flexibility, and rhythm, then heads into floor work, progressions across the floor, and upbeat, fun routines. 

Contemporary Hip Hop (ages 14 +)

A fusion of hip hop and jazz, Stephanie incorporates the earthy grooves and sharp isolations of hip hop technique with the fluidity and grace of jazz dance.  Class starts with a 20 minute warm-up then heads straight into movement designed to express the music, explore rhythms, levels, isolations and dynamic movement qualities. She allows dancers to express their individuality through unique and challenging combinations.  Classes are structured in 6 week or 10 week sessions to allow the dancer to grow, improve and let go in the choreography.  New choreography is taught every 1 - 2 weeks. 

Jazz technique and choreography workshop for kids (ages 8 – 13)

A fun and energetic class where students learn the fundamentals of jazz technique.  Students increase their flexibility, strength, coordination, grace and musicality.  They will also learn to create choreography, exploring and growing as artists while collaborating creatively with their peers.  Class starts with a 15 minute warm-up rooted in ballet and jazz technique, then heads into floor work, progressions across the floor, and upbeat, fun routines.  

Contemporary Jazz (ages 14+)

Stephanie’s contemporary jazz class is directed towards the connection between music and movement. She pushes each of her classes to express how the body relates to the music through a mix a jazz, lyrical, and pedestrian movements. The class starts with a 20 minute warm up and then heads straight into movement designed to challenge students with intricate phrases containing turns, leaps, and extensions. The class focuses on athleticism, grace, and expression.

Yoga for the Dancer’s Body

Rejuvenate the body and calm the mind with a restorative and empowering yoga practice.  Stephanie’s class focuses on deepening flexibility, opening the hips, and strengthening the dancer’s body, with special emphasis on the core.  This power yoga class begins with sun salutations, moves through a powerful and calming Vinyasa flow, and ends in Shavasana, a relaxing meditation for the mind, body and spirit. 

Conditioning for Dancers

Strengthen and energize your body with this comprehensive dance-based fitness class.  Rooted in ballet, Pilates, yoga, and strength training techniques, 'Conditioning for Dancers' focuses on strengthening and toning your core, legs, arms and increasing stamina.  Whether you're a dancer or just want a dancer physique, this class will give you the strength and stamina needed to achieve your goals.   

Company & Competition Team (By Audition Only)

The Studio 505 Company and Competition Team performs throughout the year and attends 1 – 2 regional competition and convention workshops per season.  Company members have required technique classes during the week and one company rehearsal per week.  We look for dancers with passion, a great attitude, strong work ethic, and a desire to continue learning and growing.  Attendance at rehearsals and technique classes is also very important.  Performing and training at dance conventions and competitions helps to broaden a dancer’s understanding of the industry, spark inspiration, and teach valuable knowledge for future success and achievement.  

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for $40 per half hour.  Private lessons are available in jazz, hip hop, tap, dance conditioning, and more.  They are typically held on an every-other-week schedule.  Semi-private lessons are also available.  Call the studio directly for more information and to register for a private lesson.